When You Go Through Deep Waters God Is With You

It is a wonderful biblical truth that no matter what we are going through, God is always with us, He never leaves us! There might be times when we feel like he had forgotten us or that He had abounded us, but that is never the truth! No matter how we feel, God is always there; He always love and care for us.

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The problem is that when we are in trouble and we feel surrounded by deep waters, we let fear and anxiety take a grip over us instead of us trusting the Lord and believe that He is there even if we can not see Him.

So if we put our trust in Lord and His promise that He will always be there, we could let hope and faith rule instead of fear and worry!

God is always with you!

Prayers For Depression

Can Prayers For Depression Help Me?

Many people are asking about the subject on prayer for depression. Some wonder if you can pray for depression to leave someone, others want to be prayed for, so they can get healed from different problems like anxiety, fear and depression.

So; can we pray in order for depression to leave someone? The proper answer should be Yes and No!

What do I mean with that?

Let me explain:  Of course we shall pray for people suffering from depression as well as we pray for people that are sick I their body or struggles with other problems in life. It is a great benefit as Christians that we can lift each other up before the Lord and pray for them. God has promised to answer our prayers when we pray in faith, and since God is a God of miracles, we can see great things happen! If you are a Christian depression do not need to rule your life and prayers from Christian sisters and brothers can be a great strength on your way to freedom.

Free from depression by renewing your mind

On the other hand; prayers for depression to leave can not replace the renewing of our mind! You can not ask people to pray for you, so you will be instantly filled with the word of God. The renewing of your mind does not happen through prayer. You will renew your mind by staying a way from the thinking of this world, and by filling yourself with the word of God!

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
(Rom 12:2 KJV)

Many people suffering from depression miss this big time. There are Christians that really need a transformation in how they think and feel, but they are running around, chasing a prophetic word or the prayer from the greatest healing evangelist, only to end up disappointed and even more depressed. They do not understand why they did not get healed, and many of them carry bitter feelings against both God and ministers.

About “Christian depression”

It is very important to understand first of all that if you do not get instantly healed from depression it is not because God did not want to heal you. God always want to heal. If you are a Christian; depression does not belong to you.

But the way to be healed and to help depression so it will totally stay away is to renew our mind, according to the word of God. And that is not something that happens overnight, it is a process. We need to learn to have our focus on the greatness of God and not our bad circumstances.

But, of course, we shall pray for each other. How shall we pray then for someone that struggle to be free from depression? When you pray you can pray that God will help them to understand the word, to help them focus on the right thing etc. You can even bind negative thinking to give people a relief, but again if they do not renew their mind, the thoughts will be back. Speak to the darkness to leave them, and be led by the Holy Spirit in your prayers.

Instant answer to prayers for depression

Can people get instantly free from depression? Yes, they can. God can heal in an instant even from depression. There are testimonies about that, thank God! But in my experience, those people receiving healing that way have also been preparing their heart and mind with the word of God, and that is why they could not only receive an instant healing during prayer, but also prevent it from coming back.

When we speak about prayers for depression, the most important prayer is the daily fellowship that we have with the Lord. We will get new strength and encouragement as we talk to Him, praise Him and let His greatness fill our hearts!


Depression In The Bible

Can You Find Depression In The Bible?

Many people wonder if there is to be found depression in the Bible. The answer is both yes and no! You can not find the word depression and the exact definition we refer to when talking about depression today. But as said before on this blog, the Bible has a lot to talk about our different states of mind and does not hesitate to deal with those issues at all.

As you can read in many articles on this site, you can find that greatest men mentioned in the Bible was fighting discouragement and dark times. Elijah which was a man great honored by God was found fearing for his life because of a woman threatening him. He lost all courage and gave himself to self-pity instead of rising up as the man of God he was.

David was another great man of God that often found himself discouraged and down when he came in difficult situations. And there are of course more examples of depression in the Bible.

What those men had in common was that they had a relationship with God that helped them out of their hard circumstances. They both were led by God and came out of their situations by the miracle of God.

The same is for us today, but the great thing is; today we can allow the Holy Spirit to fill us with his power to help us! In the Old testament only anointed men, kings, priests and prophets mostly, were anointed by the Spirit and could benefit from a life that close to God.

Today we are living in the New Covenant and we now have the possibility to have the Holy Spirit live inside of us, giving us all help we need with depression and discouragement! God helped Elijah and he will help us!

Jesus is many times addressing fear, worry, discouragement and all those things connected to that what we call depression today. He never condemns, always encourages, but also gives us commands not to worry and be fearful. How can Jesus; filled with love give a command to anyone not to worry? Isn’t impossible for someone never to worry and be anxious about things? The reason Jesus gave us commands not to worry is because in this New Covenant; in Jesus, we do not need to give into all those feelings of despair. Yes, they will come against all of us in different ways, with various strengths; but through the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of the believer; we have a power that can overcome all things trying to put us down.

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.
(Joh 16:33 KJV)

When we ask ourselves the question: What does the bible say about depression the answer could very well be the bible verse mentioned above. When we find kinds of depression in the Bible, and especially in NT; Jesus always want us to focus on what He has done for us. He tells us not to worry, not to fear because He is with us. In Him, we have peace! That is what I call Christian help for depression!

And when Jesus said that he meant it! Jesus did not say this as some nice finish of a great speech, just as some catchy words that people should appreciate. No; Jesus meant exactly what He said. He told this to His disciples that very soon should face the toughest time ever, seeing the master killed before their very eyes. Jesus knew they would be troubled, and still He told them to be with good cheer and be at peace. Why? Because it is possible to in the midst of tribulations and hardships, focus on Jesus and be cheerful! You can have peace in any situation and you can be without fear!

Christian Help For Depression

Biblical Help When You Feel Down

There is a great need for Christians to be aware of the problem of depression amongst believers. So many Christians are struggling with their emotions and the churches are not always prepared to help them.

There is often very limited knowledge amongst pastors and leaders how to handle depression. Many times it is easier to pray for a knee that hurts than to help someone who suffers emotionally.

But the Bible offers wonderful Christian help for depression, even if the word “depression” is modern and not used in the scripture. People being discouraged are well known in the biblical world, and the answer for it is also there for us.

Here follows a short list of tools that God has given us to use when we ourselves are in need or when we want to help someone in the body of Christ.

The word of God

If you have been reading anything on this blog you have noticed an emphasis on the word of God as the way to be free from depression and negativity. Renewing our mind through the Gods word will make a huge different in the way we think. We are supposed to eat of the word and live it. Not only listen to it once a week in church. If we do that the bible promises us a transformation!

Prayer and fellowship with God

To pray and spend time with the Lord is a must if you want to experience emotional health. Too many times we have put our trust in techniques or models of healing, while we have neglected the most important of all; being together with our Father! In His presence, things will change!

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is sent to us as our helper, our comforter. He is always with us to lead us and guide us, and only through Him, we will understand the word in a proper way. He gives us revelation and true knowledge!

Fellowship with other believers

It is important for anyone that is in need of help for depression to not withdraw from Christian fellowship. Many are doing that for different reasons. We need Christian fellowships that believe in the true Gospel of grace and healing. Places where even people with all kind of problems can feel welcome and be healed and not condemned!

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Fight Against The Negative Thinking

All of us have thoughts in our mind that should not be there. We think not only negative but also sinful thoughts; thoughts that are ungodly and that doesn’t belong with us as Christians.

Too many times we just accept it as something inevitable. We might know that it is not as it should be, but are satisfied with the fact that everyone thinks like that, and there is nothing more to it

But the Bible tells us to be active changing our thinking. Paul says to the Christians in Corinth that we have to cast down thoughts and imagination that has exalted itself against God. Note that it do not say that Jesus is going to cast the thoughts out, but we shall do it by the mighty weapon God has given us. This is a true help when we want to be free from depression.

Read from 2 Cor:

(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ
(2Co 10:4-6 KJV)

Those verses are really challenging us, right? It is so easy to think that I can not do anything about my thoughts, but instead Paul says that we have got mighty weapons to cast down the things in our mind that should not be there.



We have in our mind imaginations, things that we believe, things that this world has polluted our mind with that needs to be cast down. They have taken the place above the word of God and hinder us from being free from depression, fear, discouragement, anger etc.

When you are being hurt and experience difficulties those events create thoughts in your mind that should not be there. Those negative thoughts want to be on the throne in our mind, but it is up to us to cast then down. When our mind tells us to be bitter and angry on people that have hurt us, we can not allow that.

When we have thoughts of revenge and they want to take control we can change that, when hopelessness and discouragement take its grip, we can cast then down by using our spiritual weapon and experience how the hopeful message from God fills our mind.

Why should I do something?

Sometimes we think that it is unfair. Why should I be responsible? Why can’t God just come and take those thoughts? I must admit I have been thinking so many times, but that is not how it works! God has promised us to help us with everything, but He works through you and me, and if we use the weapon, He will give the power and ability! Look at yourself as a coworker with God!

What weapon do we have? Well, in Ephesians we have several verses that tell about the armor of God. (Eph.6:10 ff). Only one of the items counted there is a weapon of offense. That is the word of God. The word of God is the strongest force against negative thinking. It can’t be said too many times! That is a great way to be free from depression.

Then of course we have prayer and worship that both are wonderful weapons when we fight against depressive thoughts.

God has given us everything we need, so let’s start the fight!