Always A Way To Be Free From Depression

Jesus always has a way out

There are many reasons for people experience depression and anxiety. Sometimes it is the persons own mistakes that is paining, other times the cause is to find in what other people has done, or very often it is a combination of the two.

Something wonderful with Jesus is that when we come to Him with our problems, the nature of the problem is not the main thing for Him. It often is for us, because one reason we suffer from a dark mind, is that we focus all the time on the negative experience we had. For Jesus we as persons are the most important! Many people have a mindset that tells them that all God sees in me is my bad habits, my mistakes, my failure and so on. While in fact the only thing that Jesus is focusing on is us! His love for us and his way out for us!

Jesus met all the time people who were in difficult situations. He always offered them a way out. Not everyone grabbed the opportunity, but he always showed them a way out. That is why we also know that when we are coming with our problems, Jesus always – did you hear that – always has a solution. He has a way for you to be free from depression. The solution differs of course because the reason we fight discouragement and negativity are not the same. But one thing is the same: Jesus knows how to come out of it and He loves us and wants us to be free from depression and anxiety!

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