Being abandoned can cause depression

Being abandoned

One thing that can cause a lot of pain and be reason for depression in some ones life is being abandoned and left aside. When some one you love walk out on you and leave you for any reason, many times a big feeling of loneliness and helplessness enter your life. Other reactions can be anger and bitterness.

I one time met a woman that wanted to be free from depression, that was brought up in different orphanages. She was left alone – both her father and mother died. This woman had what I first called a non logical reaction. Her father that took care of her after the mother died; was the only one that the child trusted. When the father got killed in an accident she got angry on him. She asked herself: how could my father leave me – now I have no one that loves me any more. Of course the father could not help the accident, but the little girl felt abandoned and reacted with anger as if the father did it on purpose. That tells us that our feelings are not always logical –they are just feelings. Negative feelings can come out of any hard situation.

Others who have experienced the same problems, find it hard trusting people again, and think that it is difficult to connect to the opposite sex for example. They have problem receiving love and care. Often those people if they do not get help, carries a big shadow of loneliness through their entire life.

Many problems can come out of such experiences whether we have them in our childhood or as adults. People are searching for help to be free from depression and anxiety and we can sometimes track the problems back to being abandoned by loved ones.

Does the Bible know anything about this? Oh, yes. The word depression or being free from depression does not exist in the bible though, but the fact being abandoned is described very well. Jesus himself has experienced being abandoned by everyone in His hardest time here on earth. He was about to give His life for mankind, for every one – you and me – and the anxiety and mental stress He went through was of the worst kind of all. It is described in the gospels how Jesus was sweating blood – that’s the kind of anxiety He went through.

Jesus was left abandoned by people – the same people that sang Hosanna one day, shouted: Crucify Him, some day after. His disciples fell asleep when He went through the agony in Gethsemane. One of the disciples, Judas, betrayed him, so yes – Jesus knows about being left alone. And worst of all – for a moment even His Father in heaven left Him. On the cross Jesus cried out: Father – why have you forsaken me? God had to leave Him, in order for Jesus to rescue us. To what? To an eternal fellowship with Jesus – an eternity with God.

Jesus was alone – but we are never alone. Even if we might feel so sometimes. I certainly have. But we have to receive into our life the absolute truth that Jesus is at our side and He will never ever leave us. He went through the pain of loneliness to win fellowship with God to you! That is an awesome gift!

Being free from depression caused by feelings of loneliness, can be done through the word of God that tells you: you are never alone!

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