Can Everyone Be Free From Depression?

Free from Depression

Being free from depression by the word of God is for everyone that loves the Lord and wants Him to change their life! When you are a Christian depression can try to dominate and darken your life, but Jesus has promised that there is freedom from every kind of bondage.

God loves everyone

God loves each and everyone of us, and no matter what people say, or maybe even your pastor or bishop tells you – healing and deliverance is for everyone. God takes no pleasure in watching his children suffer. He does not send trials in order to get us sick or discouraged!

We need to be willing to change

In order to receive deliverance from depressive thoughts we need to have a willingness to be free, be willing to change. You may think that everyone that is depressed of course want to be free, but that is not so.

Many have their identity in their depression and believe that it belongs to their personality. If you have that mindset, it is impossible to be free. You must want to see a change and fight for it.

Even Jesus himself practices that when He met people. For example He asked one man who were blind what he wanted Jesus to do for him. For some one standing besides watching, I am sure it seemed a little bit odd. It was obvious that the person needed to have his eyes opened. But Jesus asked to activate his faith. He wanted the sick person to express that they really wanted this change. This is crucial for any deliverance to take place, even true when you want to be free from depression.

Willing to let Gods word be your number one

Your number one source to get out of depression is the Word of God. Gods living word is more than just words. When speaking it and acting on it is powerful and creative words that can change any circumstance and any mindset.
When God speaks to us, He mainly uses His written word. Many are searching for physical manifestations, and the Bible talks about that and it has its place in the Christian life. But the word of God is the life, actually it is Jesus itself!

Nothing is impossible

It is sometimes tempting to believe that your own experience and depression is so hard that no change is possible. You are to far gone. You have been through to much and your life is too dark.
But nothing is too hard for God. He can change any situation and any circumstance! He can He heal you wherever you hurt and you can be free from depression.


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