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Some Words About Depression

How can we define that word depression?  Depression is more than the normal everyday ups and downs that all of us can experience from time to time.  When a person experience a period of down mood for longer than two weeks the condition might be known as clinical depression.

To suffer from clinical depression is a serious condition, because it affects more than our mood. It affects the whole person and in longer perspective it can cause physical sicknesses. Along with bad feelings, people who suffer from depression can also have problem cooping with everyday pressures and duties.

Depressive disorders can run in families as well as physical sicknesses. Bad experiences in life, low self-esteem and a view of life that is very pessimistic certainly increases the risks of being depressed.

Depression strikes millions of people every year, and this is very serious because the condition is linked to many other problems such as bad school performance, alcohol and drug abuse and even suicide. *

What can we do about the situation, then?  Can anyone be free from depression?

Absolutely. Many people find help in counseling and some also feel relief in medication. As Christian depression can be helped by seeking our healing and deliverance in God! The word of God is powerful and many are those Christians that have experienced total freedom through prayer and meditation in the word. Some have experienced instant deliverance while others by biblical renewing of mind have seen their healing during a period of time.

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