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Can You Find Depression In The Bible? Many people wonder if there is to be found depression in the Bible. The answer is both yes and no! You can not find the word depression and the exact definition we refer to when talking about depression today. But as said before on this blog, the Bible has a lot to tall about different state of mind and do not hesitate to deal with those issues at all. As you can read […]

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We have been using David as an example of someone fighting discouragement and maybe also that what we call depression today. The word depression does not exist in the Bible, but there are many examples of people fighting fear, anxiety and great discouragement. David is one of them. In the well known Psalm 32 David is fighting guilt, another feeling that are paining many people and that are causing Christian depression today. People feel stress, condemnation, fear and other things. […]

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Theme Christian depression Elijah had done great things for the Lord! He had seen Gods miracle on the Mount Carmel. God showed himself mighty to Israel and the people turned to the Lord. But than Elijah got discouraged and fearful!  (Often as a Christian depression hit us when we have done something in the kingdom of God. When God uses us we also become targets for the darkness.) Read the Bible verses about Elijah and the miracle on mount Carmel […]

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Theme in the Bible  – Christian Depression After the great miracle on Mount Carmel Elijah had a lot of problems with his emotions. Jezebel threatened to kill him and he fled for his life. This great man of God that had seen God’s power in such a mighty way just recently, forgot about God’s greatness and sat under a bush feeling sorry for himself. He had no faith that God would take care of him and protect him. But God has […]

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When you are having bad emotions and look for a way to be free from depression, you sometimes think that no one has had problem like me. I must be the only one with this and that experience. But no, having those feelings is not something new, and crying out to be free from depression and hard circumstances is not something that only you and I experience. People through the whole Bible struggled with fear and worry and other kind […]

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