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I Can Not Concentrate

Question about Christian Depression

Hi, I am a Christian, and I am right now fighting depression. I have been to a therapist that told me I am depressed. I know that as a Christian we are supposed to have this joy and peace in our faith, but I can not feel that at all.

I am honestly trying to read the Bible bad it is really hard to concentrate. Same with prayer, I can feel no joy praying. What am I going to do to be free from depression and this problem trying to pray and read the Bible? I would need some Christian help for depression.


Hi, sister!
Let me first say that I honestly feel for you. It is hard to know that there is a freedom, but feel like you can’t reach it.

Difficulty with concentration is a symptom that can arise from psychological or emotional problems. Sometimes it is also associated with memory symptoms such as forgetfulness etc.

That means for you trying to concentrate on reading the Bible can be a challenge, and I don’t think that you shall try some heavy Bible study in the first place! Don’t get me wrong here; I am the first one to tell people to read the Bible because I know that the freedom is in the word of God and in the relationship with Jesus. Absolutely.

But, you can read the Bible in many ways. And I think that if you have problem concentrating, bibles studies might be too overwhelming. There are other ways of study the Bible that I think will help you better right know.

I think the best way for you is to “eat” the word of God. What do I mean by eating the word? Well, I mean to feed your self with hand picked bible verses that are targeted for your problem. We might compare with for example vitamins. If you lack the vitamin C you need to get something to eat that contains that vitamin, right? You have to eat orange or some other fruit that are C-vitamin rich. You do not pick food without that vitamin.

Now, the word of God is all nutrition for our inner man. We need to eat of it in order to live a healthy spiritual life. But, when you are having trouble in one specific area, feed your self with word for that. For example; if you need healing, concentrate your bible reading to bible verses about healing. Choose verses that speak to your heart. The Holy Spirit is your helper and will lead you to verses that mean something to you; verses that are relevant for your specific situation.

Now, let us go back to your question about depression. There are some things that I think is important for you.

First of all; drop the pressure that might pain you, that as a Christian depression should not be a problem for you. It is a problem for many Christians as well as physical sickness are. You are not a bad Christian because you are fighting depression. You are loved unconditionally by Jesus, and He does not value you from the problem you face. He loves you because He is love! And: Christian depression can be healed!

Second: Take some encouraging bible verses and write them down on a paper. Choose verses that fit your situation and that are a promise from God to you. For example: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (Joh 14:27 KJV)

Read the verse (and others you find helpful) and think about it. Thank Jesus for giving you peace. Speak it out loud; make these verses your own. Remember this is Jesus telling you that He has already given peace to you. You have to receive that as a gift of peace, and believe it. Then Jesus is saying; Let not….your heart be troubled. You see – you and I have a part to play. We can say stop to thoughts that are troubling our heart. Having the word of God living inside of us helps us do that! It is power in the word. That’s why we feed on it. Let the word of God beat your Christian depression!

And when it is hard to pray; do not try to perform a “good” Christian prayer! Just talk to Jesus as your friend that wants to help you. Trust Him – He is your best counselor!

Will those simple steps make someone free from depression? No, maybe not, but it can be a starting point. There are a lot more to it, but the word of God is very powerful. Jesus said: And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
(Joh 8:32 KJV) I am absolutely convinced that the word of God can set you free from depression, but every change has to start somewhere.

God bless you and never forget – Jesus is always there to help you.

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