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My Favorite Bible Translations

Reading the Bible is the most wonderful thing we can do! It has certainly changed my life and millions of other Christians around the world. Still many struggles with their Bible reading; they find it hard to understand and their Bible reading time is more of a pain than a blessing! It doesn’t need to be that way!

The reasons can, of course, be many, but I think one of them is that many have a hard time with the typical biblical expressions and also the old and not so easy language. If you are not that familiar with the Christian and biblical vocabulary, many things can be hard to get!

I think this is very easy to help because of several Bible Translations that are using a very easy to understand language. It is more modern without taking away the true meaning of the Bible verses!

The Bibles mentioned below are all versions that I personally use on a regular basis and I really want to recommend you to use them. Especially if you struggle with the old ones. (King James Version for example)


This version I have used since I was young. It is a great and very easy to understand translation. I have recommended those bibles to many people, and they often come back to me praising the bible! If you really want some help to get into the meaning of the bible verses you should use the New Living Translation Study Bible. In that version, you also have comments and explanations that open the word of God up in a wonderful way! People I know use the study version as their daily devotion.

Study Bible:



This translation is written by several translators and it is what it says: it is easy to read and understand.

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