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Prayers For Depression

Can Prayers For Depression Help Me?

Many people are asking about the subject on prayer for depression. Some wonder if you can pray for depression to leave someone, others want to be prayed for, so they can get healed from different problems like anxiety, fear and depression.

So; can we pray in order for depression to leave someone? The proper answer should be Yes and No!

What do I mean with that?

Let me explain:  Of course we shall pray for people suffering from depression as well as we pray for people that are sick I their body or struggles with other problems in life. It is a great benefit as Christians that we can lift each other up before the Lord and pray for them. God has promised to answer our prayers when we pray in faith, and since God is a God of miracles, we can see great things happen! If you are a Christian depression do not need to rule your life and prayers from Christian sisters and brothers can be a great strength on your way to freedom.

Free from depression by renewing your mind

On the other hand; prayers for depression to leave can not replace the renewing of our mind! You can not ask people to pray for you, so you will be instantly filled with the word of God. The renewing of your mind does not happen through prayer. You will renew your mind by staying a way from the thinking of this world, and by filling yourself with the word of God!

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
(Rom 12:2 KJV)

Many people suffering from depression miss this big time. There are Christians that really need a transformation in how they think and feel, but they are running around, chasing a prophetic word or the prayer from the greatest healing evangelist, only to end up disappointed and even more depressed. They do not understand why they did not get healed, and many of them carry bitter feelings against both God and ministers.

About “Christian depression”

It is very important to understand first of all that if you do not get instantly healed from depression it is not because God did not want to heal you. God always want to heal. If you are a Christian; depression does not belong to you.

But the way to be healed and to help depression so it will totally stay away is to renew our mind, according to the word of God. And that is not something that happens overnight, it is a process. We need to learn to have our focus on the greatness of God and not our bad circumstances.

But, of course, we shall pray for each other. How shall we pray then for someone that struggle to be free from depression? When you pray you can pray that God will help them to understand the word, to help them focus on the right thing etc. You can even bind negative thinking to give people a relief, but again if they do not renew their mind, the thoughts will be back. Speak to the darkness to leave them, and be led by the Holy Spirit in your prayers.

Instant answer to prayers for depression

Can people get instantly free from depression? Yes, they can. God can heal in an instant even from depression. There are testimonies about that, thank God! But in my experience, those people receiving healing that way have also been preparing their heart and mind with the word of God, and that is why they could not only receive an instant healing during prayer, but also prevent it from coming back.

When we speak about prayers for depression, the most important prayer is the daily fellowship that we have with the Lord. We will get new strength and encouragement as we talk to Him, praise Him and let His greatness fill our hearts!


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