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Prayers for depression

Can prayers for depression help me? Many people are asking about prayers for depression. Some wonder if you can pray for depression to leave someone, others want to be prayed for, so they can get healed from different problems like anxiety, fear and depression. So; can we pray in order for depression to leave someone? The proper answer should be Yes and No! What do I mean with that? Let me explain:  Of course we shall pray for people suffering […]

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All of us have thoughts in our mind that should not be there. We think not only negative but also sinful thoughts; thoughts that are ungodly and that doesn’t belong with us as Christians.  Too many times we just accept it as something inevitable. We might know that it is not as it should be, but are satisfied with the fact that everyone thinks like that, and there is nothing more to it  But the Bible tells us to be […]

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Truth that helps us deal with depression It is a great temptation for all of us to be occupied with things around us. All of us are very busy with our everyday life, and of course; it’s nothing wrong with that. But the Bible tells us not to be too occupied in our minds about what is going on in this world, but have our mind set upon what we have in Jesus. We should be Jesus-minded! If then ye […]

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When hard times come your way and even if you are Christian depression have taken the grip in your life it is easy just wanting to give up. For some Christians a kind of disappointment in God also makes the problems even harder. If I am a Christian I should not need to feel this way, right? Why has not God done anything? That question can be kind of torture if you can not see the truth in this. Many […]

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The importance of forgiveness – help for depressed Many time when people say they are depressed, the reason behind is relational problems. To forgive someone that has hurt me is a basic Christian belief but can sometimes not that easy to follow. Today we have a lot of broken families and broken relations and it can be hard to stay away from unforgiveness, bitterness and maybe even hatred some times. But it can not be emphasized enough, the importance of […]

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Prayers for depression

Prayers For Depressi

Can prayers for depression help me? Many people are asking about ...


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