Christian Help For Depression

Biblical Help When You Feel Down

There is a great need for Christians to be aware of the problem of depression amongst believers. So many Christians are struggling with their emotions and the churches are not always prepared to help them.

There is often very limited knowledge amongst pastors and leaders how to handle depression. Many times it is easier to pray for a knee that hurts than to help someone who suffers emotionally.

But the Bible offers wonderful Christian help for depression, even if the word “depression” is modern and not used in the scripture. People being discouraged are well known in the biblical world, and the answer for it is also there for us.

Here follows a short list of tools that God has given us to use when we ourselves are in need or when we want to help someone in the body of Christ.

The word of God

If you have been reading anything on this blog you have noticed an emphasis on the word of God as the way to be free from depression and negativity. Renewing our mind through the Gods word will make a huge different in the way we think. We are supposed to eat of the word and live it. Not only listen to it once a week in church. If we do that the bible promises us a transformation!

Prayer and fellowship with God

To pray and spend time with the Lord is a must if you want to experience emotional health. Too many times we have put our trust in techniques or models of healing, while we have neglected the most important of all; being together with our Father! In His presence, things will change!

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is sent to us as our helper, our comforter. He is always with us to lead us and guide us, and only through Him, we will understand the word in a proper way. He gives us revelation and true knowledge!

Fellowship with other believers

It is important for anyone that is in need of help for depression to not withdraw from Christian fellowship. Many are doing that for different reasons. We need Christian fellowships that believe in the true Gospel of grace and healing. Places where even people with all kind of problems can feel welcome and be healed and not condemned!

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