Depression in Christians

Depression in Christians

One woman ones asked me: Why is there something like depression in Christians? Why do I suffer suffer from depression? Should we not be free from bondages like that? The woman who asked had herself a lot of problem with depression and her whole family struggled within this area. Her father had some years before committed suicide and in the extended family there were more suicidal tragedies.

I will never forget her question: Why is there something like depression in Christians? She asked while been to mental hospital for some month and it really was like she stretched out her hand for help.

During that time I did not have any answer to give her. I knew that God wanted to help her, but I did not know what to say. I could not explain. I remember how frustrated I felt; having the opportunity to help but no tools. Not enough knowledge.

And I think that is a big problem today in the Church. The knowledge about being free from depression is much less than the knowledge of being healed from sickness. For some reason we think that depression is a hard thing to heal, so many give up before they even try.

It should not be that way! Christian depression is possible to heal, as well as physical sickness Christians suffer from!

One thing that I think may be a hinder for Christians to really be free from depression is that there is a tendency amongst Christians to neglect the word of God and the power that the word brings into our lives. We want some quick fix, but when it comes to depression the deliverance can of course be instant; for God everything is possible, but we also need to renew our minds according to the word. We need to actively change our thinking! And that can be a fight if we are used to constantly thinking negative and destructive thoughts. But renewing our mind is necessary to do and gives you such a tremendous freedom. It automatically changes everything!

But in order to see more deliverance from depression we also need to see an increase of the love for the word of God!

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