Don’t Give Up!

When hard times come your way and even if you are Christian depression have taken the grip in your life it is easy just wanting to give up. For some Christians, a kind of disappointment in God also makes the problems even harder. If I am a Christian I should not need to feel this way, right? Why has not God done anything?

That question can be kind of torture if you can not see the truth in this. Many Christians who suffer from depressive thinking also feel a kind of pressure because they think that they now also are bad Christians. Should not Christians always be happy and content?

And if even God can not help me, why try at all? If you think this way – giving up is not far away. For many, it seems to be the only way out of a hard situation.

But giving up is never the solution! There is always a way out! And God is no respecter of person. If He has helped others He, of course, wants to help you! We have an enemy that wants us to give up the fight. But don’t do that. God is there for you whether or not you can feel it.

First of all; God has already done everything for you, so you never need to worry about if you are a bad Christians or not. That is not an issue any longer. We were all bad and all of needed Christ to save us. And in this salvation was also included health, strength, joy and other blessings for us. For all of us, non-Christian or Christian, depression has been taken care of. He loved you and me and provided that for us. Awesome!

Because of things happened to us, we sometimes have problems receiving His grace, though.  That is why we need to really plug into the word of God because God works through His word and His Spirit to release His power in our lives. That is for you! Do not give up! God can transform everything if you let the word of God work in your life.

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