Fighting Rejection – Jesus Is The Answer

God does not throw you out

Due to bad relationships many people today are fighting feelings of rejection. When you are helping people to be free from depression you will find this as a common cause. Constantly carry feelings of being different; not fitting into the group, having a bad

self image and so on is paining people of all ages. Maybe the worst of all is to meet an elderly man or woman who has been under this burden their whole life and never experienced emotional health. They sometimes feel that those experiences have stolen their entire life.

Many people we meet have been through heartbreaking experiences that creates those feelings. A mother or father who never noticed them, showed any love or encouraged them are one example. Being bullied at school and never accepted amongst school friends could be another. Of course there can be hundreds of different causes to feel rejected.

What happens to people with such experiences is maybe first of all a feeling of being left out. Nobody wants me. I am different. I am ugly. I am stupid etc. Next thing could be a lack of trust in other people. Who can I trust? Maybe you also will reject me one day if I do something you do not like? And for the same reason, those people have a hard time receiving love, and might end up with very complicated close relationships because of it.

We can have many opinions about how to come out of this. For me the most wonderful way to be free from depression and feelings of rejection is the biblical way. You see, I found that the love of God can completely change everything.

God is not like men. He never fails. His word is always truth and that what He says to you and me, He will never take back. So when Jesus said:

Everything the Father gives me will come to me, and the one who comes to me I will never turn away.
(Joh 6:37 ISV)

Jesus will never turn away anyone of us. If that truth will be more that just something I know is in the Bible, but a revelation in my heart, my life can start to change. All I need is someone who really loves me. Someone that I fully can trust, that I know will never reject me. From there I can begin a new confident life and finally be free from depression!

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