20 comments on “Here in my Life – By Hillsong

  1. oh God where willI be indeed w/o You?…
    I need you always….
    Lord touch d heart of all who will hear this song the way you touched mine…
    I love you LORD!

  2. i have never walked in water but at Your Word Lord i receive your faith to walk on oceans deep…woohooo!!! Jesus! love you more and more!!! 😀

  3. incredible to see young people who in spite of the difficulties they decide to follow the only one who can save them, and as always, the glory of God!

    We are a race of champions who do not surrender, and move on no matter who is difficult.!!!!!!! O_- bye and God bleSsSs

    atte: Lily***

  4. Dear Lord how mighty is your name!!! Im so ready for your return!! Thank you Jesus your the reason i live today and your the reason i will live forever!!

  5. for nothing, is very, very difficult, there are tears, pain, sadness, but … we are not alone!!! and that is more important than anything else in the world!!!! remember it and move on … God bless O_o** bye°°

  6. Where would I be without you?
    Thank you Jesus for You have never left me.
    You have held me, carried me,healed me,fed me, fought for me and defended me.
    A million tongues would never be enough to thank you.
    I am so sure that You will see me through this!

  7. i’m loving this song so much. surely He’s the reason i’m living my life. i’m free in Him, I love Him so bad, the best thing is I know He loves me even more!!!!!!

  8. I love this group, all their songs. Always fulfilling to listen to.
    Just remember people: Be a patriot for Christ!
    Love u all.

  9. you are the reason why i live lord , and i have to do youre will in youre purpose. i cant pay you back,coz youre love is agape . thanks you for all the things youve done in to my life lord, really youre so great and wonderful GOD