10 comments on “Hillsong – Still Worship Video

  1. when i hear this song i feel empty inside”.. t.t… i want to loose everything that i have.. at the feet of my savior Jesus.. T_T

  2. This is a really touching song… it reminds me that He really is the sovereign GOD, above all else . THE LORD IS GOOD

  3. @jcrubi68 your words truly touched me in the beginning. Thank you for uploading this video. This song is truly amazing and sweet!

  4. Lord help me…..You know where I stand right now….thank you for my life, thank you for saving me. Lord keep me in your saving grace…Help me to overcome these present troubles in my life, help me to be still and know you alone…..I need thee, Always have and always will be…..Heal me Lord…take me on wings as eagles…..