Jesus Shows Grace Where People Condemn

Jesus Has Grace For You!

Jesus is setting people free from all kind of problems. Just because He loves us. He shows his grace by deliver from sickness, from

poverty and in the verses below He sets a woman free from death penalty and from a whole town’s hatred! That is why we also know that He wants us to be free from depression and all those things that torture our mind. Emotional health is also on the list of freedom!

In the gospel of John we read how one day the Pharisees and the scribes came with a woman caught in an act of adultery. According to the Jewish law she should be stoned to death. There was no grace or love offered to her. The religious leaders and the people were there ready to act. But they wanted to hear Jesus opinion about it. Not because they believed in Him, but because they wanted to trick Him and find something they could use against him. Their only goal was to in some way or another remove Jesus from the public.

Jesus does not point his finger

It is so interesting the approach Jesus is taken here. Instead of joining the mobbing against this woman, the Bible tells us how He in a wonderful way just calmed the situation down by writing with His finger in the sand. He did not point His finger at this woman instead he gave them all an opportunity to judge their own life. (Apply that to your situation fighting to be free from depression: Jesus is not pointing His condemning finger at you!) He said: He who is without sin can cast the first stone. This is an amazing statement. Every one of them felt convicted of sin themselves; they laid the stones down and walked away.

What an amazing bible story! No one wanted to judge any longer. Why? Because they got convicted themselves. And that is how it works. The one who judge someone else and condemn that person, is someone who has not been looking in the mirror, not seen his or hers own miserable sins in the light of God! All that condemn others has forgotten who they were Jesus removed their sins.

Love gives us power to be free from depression

It is interesting to see the approach Jesus has to sin. Even if he did not cast any stone at this woman, he did not approve of her sins! The first thing he told her was: Go sin no more! But the thing is that if you have met that kind of love and grace, you have no problem turning away from your sin. You have met the one who in himself empowers you to make the change!

In this case; I believe that was what set this woman free. The whole city was against her, but Jesus showed her his love and grace. That love did not take light of the sin she made, but gave her the power to leave the sin!

That is the very nature of the love of God! It empowers you to make a change in your life. Did you know that the love that Jesus has for you also empowers you to make changes in the way you think about yourself, and also change that what you maybe for a long time has believed was impossible to change. Nothing is impossible for Jesus! You can be free from depression.

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