Review: Managing your emotions

Joyce Meyer

Managing your emotions

Having emotions is great and are playing an important role. What would life be without feelings of joy, happiness, love and more? But when they become negative we need to learn to manage them in a proper way. Our emotions have to take the proper position in our lives.

A big problem today is how we let our emotions rule our lives. We are many times more led by our emotions that we are led by God and it shouldn’t be that way.

That is why Joyce Meyer’s book; “Managing your emotions” is so important. She reveals the truth and deals with in brilliant but practical way as usual.

The topics covered in this book are for example; how not to be led by your feelings, depression, codependency, forgiveness, mood swings and much more.

She is teaching by giving not only sound biblical explanations but also wonderful, hilarious illustrations. As always she is very practical in her advice and really gives us keys to both help us understand and apply the lessons in our own life.

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