Terms – Disclaimer

All advice giving on this site and in the recommended resources as Bible courses and e-books and books are all spiritual advice and must be taken as such.

I am not a physician, nor a professional therapist.

If you are having problem in this area of depression, and are under some kind of medical treatment, do not stop that because of the information on this site. All medical changes you want to do, you have to consult a medical doctor. I am not qualified to give you any medical advice.

But as a pastor, I can give you spiritual and biblical guidelines concerning your mind. And this is what this website is all about. I have counseled and mentored a lot of people struggling with depression and negative thoughts.

I myself have also had the same problem, and conquered it the same way that is described on this website.

I do not promise any results if you follow my instructions or advice here on this website, the e-books or the 26 weeks Bible Training Course called CHANGED BY THE WORD. The result does always vary from person to person. Every one of us has different backgrounds, different experiences etc. We all have unique given prerequisites and we cannot compare our results among us.

What is not different or changeable is the living word of God! The word will last through eternity and what God has written He stands behind. God’s Word is solid ground and everyone that loves the Lord and trust Him can receive the strength and power that He gives, through His Holy Spirit and through the Word of God!

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