Review: The Battlefield of the Mind

Review Joyce Meyer
The Battlefield of the Mind

This is a very helpful book for everyone that struggles with their mind. Joyce Meyer can like no one else catch the very essence of a subject and explain it in some very clear and easy to grasp words.

She is in this book covering a lot of different subjects concerning our mind, such as; a wandering, wondering mind, a confused mind, a doubtful and unbelieving mind etc. She put her finger on the very problem and give a solid biblical solution that we all can apply.

She has an amazing ability to make everything very clear and there for also very possible to apply in our own life. This is a useful book indeed. If you know anyone who needs some help for depressed this book is an excellent choice.

Joyce Meyer is a very down to earth author that often writes about her real life experiences. That really make this and her other books feel real. We all know that she is “walking the walk and not just talking the talk”!

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