The Word Of God Is Creative

When God works in our life, He does it in some way or another through His word. That is true for physical healing and of course also when it comes to emotional health, including being free from depression. His word is a powerful but sorry to say, very neglected source for Christian living.

What do I mean by that? Do not all Christians believe in the Bible? Well, the answer could be yes and no. There are many believers that use to pick and choose some verses they think they can believe in and there overall attitude towards the Bible is quit skeptical. If you keep that attitude you will most unlikely experience the power that is in the word of God!

Because the word is powerful! In the same way that God in the beginning of the world created everything; the light, the sea, the birds, the grass and of course man, by only the word of His mouth, He today creates things through his word! He said: let there be light and it become light! It is awesome! The power of God is amazing! He said: Let there be fish in the sea…and the sea was filled with the most incredible swimming creatures!

God’s power is the same today. When He speaks; let there be light into our lives that are filled with darkness, it will be light! The dark burden of depression will lift off of our shoulders!

Maybe you ask: How can he speak His word into my life? I need to get the light and be free from depression. The short answer is: He has already spoken over your life! If you have invited Jesus into your life as your Lord, He lives inside of you and He is light! When you got saved you got free! To be saved means to be set free from slavery. What we need to do is to learn to believe in the word of God. Believe that He has already taken our sorrows and grief on Calvary. You can not neglect the word and then in the same time believe that you will be set free.

That is why it is so important to be serious about the word of God if we want to be free from depression or any other burden in our lives!

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