Trust In The Word Of God

Trust in the word of God – healing for Christian depression.

In the old times, in my country, the Christians were called”the Readers”. The believers were known everywhere by that name. It came of course from the fact they read the bible and they wanted to follow and live the word of God through their everyday life.

In those times, the Bible was honored as the word of God that could change someone’s life. People put their trust in the Lord. You can, of course, find those people today also, but sorry to say, many Christians today doesn’t believe that the word of God has this life-changing power. They read the Bible like an old nice book and receive it just like some good value, some good life rules to follow, but often question if it is the real word of God.

For the Christians that decide to believe that the word of God is powerful will find that anything in their life can change. Absolutely anything. The word of God has an answer and a solution for everything we meet. The love of God can transform anyone and change any situation. But only the one that believe in it will see it happen. If someone is a Christian depression and anxiety and other mental problems can be healed. Everyone can experience emotional health while receiving the word of God in their lives.

What we need is a humble attitude towards God and His word. Some people take pride in questioning everything, and of course, there is a way for everyone to ask questions and seek before the can believe, all of us has done that. But ones you believe in God and believe that Jesus is your Savior, it is time to believe that what He says is true. Otherwise why believe at all? If you believe that Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life”, (John 14:6) then you can also trust every word He says and all that is written about Him in the word of God.

There is your beginning to see miracles and wonders. There is your beginning being set free from your Christian depression.

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