What Can Be The Cause Of Christian Depression?

It is impossible to know all causes of depression – each and every individual has there own history and own personal experiences. This is of course true even with Christian depression. There is research though that suggests a genetic link to depressive disorder, and that the depressive orders run in the families is something that you can see when you counsel people with depression. Ask them about there family, and many have a father or mother or some other relative that struggle with the same problem.

Other factors that causes depression is bad experiences in life. A large amount is counting
the situation in childhood as the main factor; a not so healthy family situation, school problems, abuse and on.

People with low self-esteem, with a strong tendency to be very negative and pessimistic or problem handling pressure at work etc. can develop depression and anxiety. But as said before – the reasons could be many.

When Christians are down and depressed it also can have its cause in religious questions, brooding, melancholy etc.

A Christian depression perspective on this is that no matter the cause God is always greater. You can never find a situation too hard for God to heal and help! What we need to do as Christians – both if we ourselves fight a battle in this or if we want to be helpful as fellow Christians, we need to go to the word of God and find out what it has to say about our mind, our thinking and our feelings.

To be helpful and successful in helping people that want to be free from depression, we have to believe in what God has to say, and act the way God wants us to act. Depression can be hard to get rid of in your own power. But we are not left out in the cold just our selves to trust. We have a loving and caring God that knows all causes and understands every why, and that do not condemn us, but love us wants to lift us up!

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