Why Do Christians Suffer From Depression?

Many Christians struggle with emotional problems today. The negativity we meet in this world is overwhelming. Everywhere we turn, we hear negative reports of all kind. And if we do not watch out, we can easily get affected by it, and our mind will be polluted with negative and destructive thinking.

Having negative and depressive thoughts can of course also have its cause in specific things that have happened in our life or that is going on right now. There are many people searching for help for depressed because of negative experiences. And many people wonder why Christians suffer from depression. Should not Christians be free from depression?

Some reasons for Christian Depression:

Pressure from society.

We meet a lot of pressure from society today. Everything from how you look, dress and eat is valued. And if you do not have strong confidence in God and who He made you be, you might easily feel condemned, not good enough and so on.

Stress-related depression can have many causes. Too much work, to monotone work, not feeling excited over the work, sleep disorder etc.

Bad relationships

Many, many people have been treated badly by family members, maybe parents or spouse, friends, workmates or other people, and have a hard time dealing with those experiences emotionally. A lot of people with depressive symptoms track it back to childhood experiences. Others again have been physically violated, which easily can be an opening for negative and painful thinking.


Knowing that you are doing wrong, that you are sinning will cause you to feel bad if you do not deal with it. God does not condemn you, but you need to get on right track and stop sinning in order to be free. Receiving and giving forgiveness is a great key to well being.

As a Christian depression can try to darken and destroy your life. Bad things are coming against all of us that are living in a fallen world. But putting our trust in God and His word has helped many to find their freedom. I am one of them! God has promised to always help us and that, of course, includes help for depressed people.

Lack of renewing our mind

The Bible tells us to renew our mind. That process starts day one as a believer and does not end until we reach heaven!

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
(Rom 12:2 KJV)

The Christian way to be free from depression

We do not need to be conformed to all negative thinking out there. To renew our minds is to start thinking like God thinks; to meditate and abide in the word of God. And I am telling you; God’s thoughts are totally different from the thoughts of this world!

Many argue with this and say:

I can’t help how I think!

Some people say that we can’t help how we think and feel. They believe we are victims to our thoughts; that we can’t change them. But the Bible tells us differently. We are not victims to our thinking! Many of us give up our fight against the negative thoughts much to fast. We can conquer them! There is a way to be free from depression. We do not need to be the slave under negativity.

Important statement:
If you are suffering from severe depression, and have deep struggles with your emotions and negative thinking, you might have a longer walk to freedom. And maybe you also need support, someone at your side that can speak Gods word into your life. I think that the best for you is to find yourself a spirit-filled pastor or counselor that believe in the power of Gods word. They can help you and lead you from darkness to light!

I know from my own experience that we do not need to stay under those negative thoughts if you start the process of renewing our mind through Gods word. It might take some time, but it works!

General positive thinking

It is popular today to talk about thinking positive. But it is a difference in thinking positive in general and thinking Gods word!

God’s word has power in it!

When people just try to think positive without the word of God the result will be emptiness! And that’s because there is no solid foundation for the positive thinking. You just say things, but they are not real. How can you now that things are going to be okay if there is no one behind the words that will guarantee it to be true?

There are traps also in new age teachings and positive thinking. That is dangerous stuff because it opens up for demonic activity. So in our effort to be free from depression, we have to be careful and watch out for wrong teaching.

It is safe and trustworthy to believe Gods word and to stay positive because God has given us His promises. He is behind His words! As a Christian depression can be conquered by Gods own word!

God tells us to think about the good things, the things He has for us: “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” (Col 3:2 KJV) 

Bad feelings rule people’s life

When we are Christians we base our life on the truth, the word of God. Not on our feelings! Paul is writing from prison telling his fellow Christians to rejoice in the Lord always! And He stresses it by saying: again I say, Rejoice. (Php. 4:4 KJV)

Paul had learned that joy is a decision not based on outward things. He wrote his most joyful and encouraging notes from the dark prisons. He really has taught us that being happy is a choice! Learning this is a great step towards victory!

Our feelings are just following our thoughts. The reason you feel bad is that you have been dwelling on negative and depressive thoughts. That is why all change has to start with the thinking! It does not start with your emotions!

We have stopped believing in God for a change

Many Christian have given up believing in God for changes in their life. That is truly sad because Jesus has died to set us free from every kind of bondage. Unfortunately, there is a lot of wrong Christian teaching out there, that has kept believers from experience true freedom in Christ!

Real Help For Depressed

The only way to change that is to believe the word of God! Read it; believe it and see the difference in your life! That is true for the one who is crying out for help with negative thoughts and are longing to be set free from depression.

It is a fight going on between good and evil in our lives. We have an enemy that wants to bind us so we can’t be the ones that God created us to be.  He wants to hinder us to do what God has planned for us in His kingdom! As a Christian depression and negativity might try to destroy you, but you are a winner!

It is time now to rise up in the name of Jesus and not let the devil run all over us! If you think it is impossible – let me tell you…I know that it is possible. The word of God helped me and I would love to show you how.

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